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Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie

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  • 3D models of trees on the national territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, derived from the point cloud of the LiDAR survey in February 2019. The models do not correspond to the actual shape or type of the trees, but consist of a generalised model that has been scaled according to the tree parameters extracted from the point cloud.

  • 3D models with LOD 3 classification of a selection of remarkable bridges. The 3D models were created partly by the Administration du Cadastre et de la Topographie and partly by the Service Topographie et géomatique of Luxembourg City.

  • 3D buildings with LOD 2.2 classification on the national territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2020, with the exception of the municipal territory of Luxembourg City. The 3D buildings were created on the basis of aerial images from summer 2020 (flight period: end of July, beginning of August and mid-September 2020; flight height: +/- 3500 m above ground level) by photogrammetric restitution of the roofs (MSE in x, y and z ≤ 20 cm), followed by downward extrusion and texturing of the resulting 3D models of the buildings with oblique aerial images. Only the roofs of buildings with a footprint greater than 20 m2 were captured, taking into account superstructures (e.g. dormers) whose longest side exceeds 50 cm and which have a volume greater than 1 m3.

  • The hybrid map uses the most recent aerial image as background. In addition, it contains roads, street names and locality names.

  • 3D model of the Luxembourg terrain based on vertical and oblique aerial images from summer 2020.

  • 3D buildings with LOD 2.3 classification resulting from a proof of concept of 2017. The buildings are modelled based on a photogrammetric evaluation of aerial images from 2017 and are only available on a total area of 3 km2 in Diekirch and Bastendorf.

  • 3D models with LOD 1 classification of the bridges on the national territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 2019. The 3D models were automatically extracted from the point cloud of the LiDAR survey in February 2019.

  • A topographic map is intended to be a representation of the terrain. It differs from thematic maps (city maps, road maps etc.) by the richness of its content, its high precision and above all the representation of the topography by the contour lines. The cadastre and topography administration publishes topographic maps at the scales of 1:5,000, 1:20,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000 and 1:250,000.

  • 3D buildings with LOD 1 classification, derived from the topographic database (BD-TOPO-L) which is based on aerial images of 2013. The height of the blocks is defined by the average vertex height of the roof’s outer perimeter obtained from photogrammetric measurements.

  • This layer displays the latest aerial image (orthophoto) available. An orthophoto represents a mosaic composed of digital aerial photographs geometrically rectified (orthorectified) and georeferenced in the LUREF national coordinate system. The digital orthophotos of the Grand Duchy are managed in the BD-L-ORTHO database which covers the entire territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and are accessible both on the national geoportal and on the open data portal ( Since 2016, ACT has carried out an annual survey of the entire country. Other aerial images are available under General public> Land cover> Aerial and satellite images.