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  • Tree population of the municipal, state and public forest ownership specified by main tree species and age classes, units of inventory.

  • territory of first degree of the regional outposts of the nature administration conformable to the grand ducal regulation of 11th june 2009 concerning the number and composition of the outposts of the nature administration.

  • The sectoral plan ‘landscapes’ aims at creating a framework for spatial planning in the context of the management, planing and protection of the landscapes. For this purpose, it defines protection zones for the large landscape units, the interurban green zone, the green belts as well as the protection zone of the ecological network. <a href="" target="_blank">for more information...</a>

  • subdivision of the country in biogeoclimatic areas according to the ecological classification method based on climate, constitution of the mother rock and the ground: 18 ecological sectors

  • areal units of the biological stations, intercommunal syndicates for nature protection

  • In the detailed programme of measures, the types of measures related to hydromorphology (HY) and urban wastewater management (SWW) which are defined in the catalogue of measures of the second river basin management plan, were assigned to the individual water bodies. The objective of this assignation is to identify for each water body those measures that will help to reduce the pressures and deficits present in the water body, thereby improving its status or maintaining its good status.

  • Delimitation of the municipal, state and public forests. This layer is updated every 6 months.

  • Modeling of the content of topsoil organic carbon (%) in croplands (0-25 cm), permanent grasslands (0-10 cm), vineyards (0-30 cm) and forests (0-20 cm). Based on soil analysis data collected between 2012-2014 (agriculture, vineyards) and 1998-2001 (forest).