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  • Project for delimitating the winegrowing areas in Luxemburg

  • Climate Map of the vineyards in Luxemburg

  • Project for delimitating the small winegrowing areas in Luxemburg

  • Current status of FLIK parcels after the annual update of the agricultural parcel reference system. The update was performed from the beginning of May to the end of July based on the latest national aerial photos (orthophotos) from September 2022. This layer is provisionally and the geometry changes are being validated by the concerned farmers in the course of the participation process (border adjustments, merge and division of parcels with new FLIK numbers, size changes, etc.).

  • Agricultural reference parcels of Luxembourg 2024

  • Vineyards along the Mosel in Luxemburg

  • FLIK reference parcels for Vineyards along the Mosel in Luxemburg

  • 6 meter strips in the FLIK reference parcels along forest edges

  • Zones defining where land consolidation has been done according to the law of 1964. This is useful in order to find out whether a parcel is concerned by the given law or not.