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  • Digital topographic map at scale 1:50.000 issued from the BD-L-TC. Exists as rasterfile (TIFFormat, 2 sheets, North and South) as well as vector- database, including a style-file for ARCGIS. Paper edition with tourist information

  • This layer shows the contents created within the public map portals by the individual user, which have been assigned to the specific sub-categories POI. Principally these are point data representing important point objects or attractions.

  • Official POI (points of interest) from Editus Luxembourg. The points of interest are split into 14 categories, that can be selected in the data catalog. They are imported from the database of Editus Luxembourg, and are updated in the geoportal several times a year. Editus daily works to update its database, but as synchronisation with the geoportal only happens several times a year, it is possible that some information displayed may be lacking in actuality when you consult the geoportal. It is important to note that some entities from the database are NOT represented in the map due to imcomplete or unprecise spatial reference, as for example in the case of imcomplete addresses or P.O.Boxes. If you notice points that are not correctly placed, do not hesitate to give us feedback on

  • This dataset contains the points of interest proposed by Luxemburg's National Tourist Office "Office National du Tourisme" - ONT. Onle the members of the ONT are represented here, so the data is not to be considered as exhaustive.