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  • Collectives Wastewaters treatment plant to ensure the treatment of collected urban waster water

  • Channels and millchannels

  • The lake "Haute Sure" in Esch-sur-Sûre

  • Climate Map of the vineyards in Luxemburg

  • Luxembourg's surface water bodies have been grouped into so-called "study zones", which essentially correspond to the country's major catchment areas. Seven study zones have been designated in total.

  • informations from the different weather stations

  • The continuity is evaluated in the context of the continuity register of Luxembourg. The results will flow 2015 into the second water management plan. On basis of available data waters were already selected, in which measures are accomplished for the improvement of the continuity until 2015 (48 transverse buildings). The buildings can be considered as a non-priority due to technical feasibility e.g. by lack of space in narrow valleys or in too strongly dropping area or by incompatibility with political objectives e.g. directive of renewable energy.