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  • The mbox is a safe space where you can park your bike. These bike stations are located near the public transport to facilitate a fast and convenient switch from bike to bus or railway and vice versa.

  • This layer contains the official Localisation of traffic radars installed by the MDDI

  • The main objective of the sectoral plan ‘transport’ is to reserve corridors for road and railway infrastructure, to improve and develop the soft mobility and to create a parking space management system in order to increase the share of public transport in the modal split and to promote soft mobility.

  • "Park + Ride" parking lots in Luxembourg and the surroundings

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  • This layer contains the mileage points along the railway tracks in Luxemburg. Every point has a unique designation, which can be used when specifying a particular position near the rails.

  • Bike sharing services and the «Rent-a-Bike» rental stations Numerous camp sites, hotels and shops offer bike rentals. Located at the edge of cycling trails, you can hire the RaB bikes by the day, half day or for numerous days in. It’s very simple: rent a bike at your point of departure and return it to the next station.

  • Train stations at which the trains operated by the CFL stop

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