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  • The sectoral plan ‚economic activity zones’ pursues the aim to reserve areas for the development of craft and industrial activities and the economic diversification until 2030, whilst ensuring a balanced and sustainable spatial planning.

  • The sectoral plan ‘landscapes’ aims at creating a framework for spatial planning in the context of the management, planing and protection of the landscapes. For this purpose, it defines protection zones for the large landscape units, the interurban green zone, the green belts as well as the protection zone of the ecological network.

  • The main objective of the sectoral plan ‘transport’ is to reserve corridors for road and railway infrastructure, to improve and develop the soft mobility and to create a parking space management system in order to increase the share of public transport in the modal split and to promote soft mobility.

  • This layer contains the cadastral parcels (version: 03/06/2019) used as a basemap for the sectoral master plans.